Live music at The Bon


Live music nights are here! Hosted by The Bon Pavilion in Gosford, the heart of the Central Coast. 

With an impressive line-up of well-loved Australian artists performing live each week, enjoy the weekly mix of sounds from acoustic, folk, indie and pop. 

 Join us, bring your friends and family for a casual drink and dinner, and enjoy the musical buzz taking over Gosford each week.  

See below for the upcoming artist line-up.

Every Saturday and Sunday - from 12pm




Saturday 17th 

Jackson Besley 12-2:30pm

Gem and Lachie 2:30-5pm

Sunday 18th 

Bryce Hutchings 12-2pm

Thom Wood 2-4pm

ASHA 4-6pm

Howard Shearman 6-8pm

Sunday 1st 

Bryce Hutchings 12-2pm  

Jackson Besley 2-4pm  

Ash Rae 4-6pm

Micah Murray 6-8pm

Saturday 7th 

Thom Wood 12-2:30pm

Joel Leggett 2:30-5pm

Sunday 8th 

Gem & Lachie 12-2pm

Georgia Munster 2-4pm

Micah Murray 4-6pm

Veronika Lawson 6-8pm

Saturday 28th 

Micah Murray 12-2:30pm

Gem & Lachie 2:30-5pm

Sunday 29th 

Woodie McClean 12-2pm

Ash Rae 2-4pm

Niamh Watson (4-6pm)

ASHA 6-8pm

Saturday 24th 

Evie 12-2:30

Micah Murray 2:30-5pm

Sunday 25th 

Libby Ingels 12-2pm

Jason Cole 2-4pm

Niamh Watson 4-6pm

Brandon Duff 6-8pm


Saturday 14th 

ASHA 12-2:30pm

Jason Cole 2:30-5pm

Sunday 15th 

Veronika Lawson 12-2pm  

Bryce Hutchings 2-4pm

MINIQ Duo 4-6pm

Hunter Beasley 6-8pm

Saturday 31st 

Gem and Lachie 12-2:30pm

Georgia Munster 2:30-5pm

Saturday 21st 

Thom Wood 12-2:30pm

Woodie McClean 2:30-5pm

Sunday 22nd 

Ben Woodham 12-2pm

Jason Cole

Ash Rae 4-6pm

Georgia Munster (6-8pm)