I like cooking on the bone and in the shell as everything tastes better.
Food brings us all together; it’s the glue that strengthens our friendship and relationship with each other.
Food is my life but as a chef and restaurateur being hospitable is more important than good food.
— Sean Connolly April 2019


The interplay of texture, art and furnishings, inspired by the Burnt Australia palette, brings the reality of the surrounding landscape and embraces the restaurant’s place in the heart of the Central Coast. Every detail within the Pavilion has been deeply considered.


The Bon serves Australian and globally influenced cuisine – thoughtful, precise and delicious food in a relaxed and informal setting. 

Sean Connolly’s passion for premium produce and classic technique are evident in the depth of flavour delivered on the plate. His cooking is heartfelt and cooked by a team of people who are passionate about what they do.


Lisa King is a self-taught artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her work crosses over various mediums – traditional painting techniques, the Renaissance, computer art, which ranges from illustration to portraiture with gravitation towards fashion, romance, Indie and pop culture. Her work has been labeled 'colourfully angelic yet seemingly dark.'

Model Elsie Stuart, is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Biripi Nation located in NSW, North of Taree. Elsie was raised in the Hunter Valley. 

Elsie is Project Manager of the Just Juice Company’s charity Nutrition Plus, which strives towards building healthy futures for Aboriginal children through nutrition and support.